What To Expect from Your Fractional Sales Manager in Dublin, Ohio

What is a Fractional Sales Manager

Many small businesses are unable to maximize sales revenue due to poorly functioning sales management.
Our fractional sales manager program brings years of sales experience to your team, offering all the benefits of an in house sales manager at a fraction of the cost. Providing oversite of your team: process, performance, and strategy to improve productivity and profitability.

If your growing but not ready to hire a full time sales manager we can provide a cost effective solution:

• Create structure and accountability
• Set clear objectives
• Monitor activity and measure results
• Coach and mentor sales reps.

This service begins at $3500.00 per month.

Fractional sales management is still a relatively young field of work. Because of this, there has been little research done on how it works and how it benefits the company. But this does not mean that everything is always up to anyone's imagination - there are some things you should expect from your fractional manager.

The following are 5 things to expect from your fractional manager:

Evaluation of The Salesperson

As you can see from the title, your fractional manager will be managing your salespeople. A good fractional manager will provide good evaluations of your salespeople. But how are these evaluations done?

Within the evaluation, several things will be considered: skills, potential and personality. Managers must have a way to determine whether these three qualities are present in an employee or not. The best way managers can determine them it is through direct observation or documented evidence collected by the salesperson’s direct supervisor. Now that you have a way of evaluating your salespeople, what happens next?

Coaching and Sales Skills Development

As a part of managing your employees, your fractional manager will be responsible for coaching and skill development. Coaching and skill development will help your salespeople be better at their jobs.

It makes your salespeople more capable of increasing the company's revenue and makes them more valuable to the company. As a result, you may be able to get a higher price for them when you wish to sell the business to another business owner. However, you must be careful not to move too quickly and make mistakes when coaching or skill development.

Sales Process Development and Process Improvements

It is also advisable for your fractional manager to participate in the sales process development and improvements. When new ideas come about on how to increase revenue, your fractional manager will be able to see them or test them out. It will allow them to provide feedback on the salesperson's actions to improve the performance of everyone in your company.

Reports and Data Analysis

As a fractional manager, you will be responsible for reporting and analyzing the salespeople's performance in your company. You must have a special report and data management software to do this. It will allow you to get reports easily and quickly on each salesperson's performance.
With this kind of information, it is easy to see whether the salesperson is doing well or not.

Execution and Discipline

Another aspect of being a fractional sales manager is maintaining discipline and execution. As the fractional sales manager, you are responsible for ensuring your salespeople are doing their jobs correctly and doing them right. If something goes wrong, you need to make sure that you stop it before it affects its revenue.

The salesperson will be held accountable when they do not achieve the target, so they must be disciplined and bring their best performances to meet this requirement.


As you can see, there are many things that a fractional sales manager must be capable of doing. They need to have a well-balanced combination of skills to achieve this. In addition, your fractional sales manager will need to remember that dealing with employees daily is not an easy job.

Leads2Follow has decades of experience and enjoyment in the fractional sales management area. We invite you to contact us today to discuss how we may help your company be more successful.