Sales Management and Business Ownership

If you as the owner of a business, don’t have the time to properly manage your sales team or if you have never been trained or acquired the appropriate sales management skills -but can’t justify bringing on a full-time sales manager. It may be a good time to consider a fractional sales manager.

Fractional Sales Management is comprised of several key elements – including:

1. Developing consistent sales processes.
2. Leading, coaching, and training the sales team.
3. Developing account and deal specific strategies.
4. Accountability Management.

Developing sales processes refers to defining the procedures your sales team should follow. Beginning with connecting with new prospects through contract signing, it is estimated that only 1% of small business sales teams have defined sales processes.

Leading, coaching, and training sales teams, requires formalized training, experience and specialized skills. Including knowledge of pre-call planning, call support, and call debriefing. Without having spent time actually having done these activities – it is hard to teach them. That’s why are sales managers are experienced and certified.

Developing Account and Deal specific strategies, this means in addition to improving a sales teams performance over time, a fractional sales manager helps monitor and manage the existing pipeline for immediate results.

Providing Accountability Management – a good fractional sales manager has the experience and ability to ensure consistent growth and utilize accountability appropriately, from the morning sales huddle to the weekly sales meeting.

Fractional sales managers provide a critical role including:

1. Part-time management.
2. Develop sales processes.
3. Sales coaching and training.

Their end goal is to develop consistent repeatable sustained sales performance. Call us for a free assessment. Tom Heinmiller 614-961-0088.