Sales Coaching & Training

To support our sales coaches, we also provide sales training to provide your team with the right strategies and right tools to accelerate your growth. We teach them how to sell stronger, increase close rates, attract higher quality leads, and develop new business opportunities.

Sales should never make a prospect, customer, or salesperson uncomfortable! As a salesperson you should never manipulate or apply pressure to make a sale. We teach fundamentals and advanced skills and guide you through a program that will never mask you feel slimy, pushy, or self-serving. We focus on changing good salespeople into great salespeople.

Sales Professionals, Are You Selling Consistently?

All businesses need consistent sales, unfortunately, this is seldom the case. In fact, this is often the Achilles’ heel of small business. You want sales to grow, you need sales to grow, so you decide to recruit, interview, and higher your first salesperson. And you do! But you don’t really have a great training program in place or an onboarding program suitable for a salesperson, after all you have never done this before. Besides, you expected this individual to” hit the ground running”.

Three months pass and reality begins to set in – sales are nowhere near consistent. Now what? You’re already wearing too many hats and you have no training about how to manage a sales rep. You have learned a few things though; given a choice, most salespeople choose to stay within their comfort zone and that means doing the easy parts of the sales job:

•Prospecting by sending emails
•May be attending a networking event
•Waiting for a lead to call in

they avoid:

•Consistent prospecting
•Cold calling decision-makers
•Uncovering buyers motives
•Leaving their comfort zone

In order to generate sales on a consistent basis, your salespeople must start performing all required sales (necessary) activities on a consistent basis. They must spend time selling!

Unfortunately, it’s up to you to clearly articulate how you expect your salespeople to invest their time and then hold them accountable to do it. But as we said earlier – you were never trained for this activity and there are many other urgent issues that require your attention.

There is a solution – a fractional sales manager. An experienced sales manager to handle your onboarding, manage the salesperson’s activities, and drive consistent revenue. And like the insurance commercial – “you pay only for what you need”.

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